About Smudged Ink

Tired of scouring Amazon KDP and Smashwords formatting how-tos? You want your book to look amazing. You poured your heart and soul into it. Now it needs to shine as you send it off into the world.

Formatting takes time, patience and know-how. Most importantly, it takes you away from writing.

I’m Clare Davidson, a creative perfectionist (an oxymoron if ever there was one). I’m obsessed with books and making words look beautiful on the page. I’m also an author and a professional ebook and paperback formatter.

I believe in producing a beautiful product you are proud to show off. I’ve seen many books with ragged margins, a plethora of orphans and widows, and a font so large it’s insulting to the reader—not to mention a huge waste of paper.

Formatting often gets overlooked. Sure, it’s easy to use a program like Scrivener to compile both an ebook and a paperback version, but will it look fantastic? Will it meet KDP’s or Smashwords’ requirements? Will the paperback version look professional, with a beautiful fully justified layout? Probably not.

When it’s time to let your novel fly into the world, don’t settle for second best. You’ve made your story the best it can be. You’ve invested in a fantastic editor, talented cover designer and thorough proofreader. Don’t skimp at the last hurdle. Invest in formatting so your book looks as beautiful as the words it contains.

Schedule a 30-minute consult so we can talk about your project, or contact me if you have any questions.

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